You will still see old Honda Civics dating back 20 years on a daily basis. They are typically marked with mismatched body panels, loud exhausts, and faded paint jobs. Then most recent generation Civic that debuted in 2016 aimed to reset the econobox stigma. The 2016 Civic featured a quiet ride, nimble handling, and quick acceleration from the 1.5 liter turbocharged engine. Sadly, with all of the effort Honda put in 2016, it could not quite shake the cheap image despite the upscale features.

The all new 2022 Honda Civic has truly shattered any negative aspects it once held. The looks are very similar to the upscale accord. The 2022 Civic features a prominent upright grill, elegant and sporty looks, and more room than ever. We are unsure how the new Civic drives yet but take a look at the amazing features seen in this video! The 2022 Honda Civic will arrive to dealerships this summer!

Also, take a look at what the Civic looked like a mere 20 years ago compared to this new 11th generation.