This is your friendly reminder that winter is approaching! Before you find yourself in a cold and uncomfortable situation, here are three quick tips to save you time and frustration.

Winter Tip #1Check your car’s battery life. Most auto-part stores offer free battery tests to check the health of your battery. The best part is they are completely FREE and only take a few minutes. Battery life takes a harsh toll particularly after a hot summer. Most batteries last about five years and even have expiration dates if you check under the hood. Do not get stranded with a dead barely in the cold of winter!

Winter Tip #2Check your tires tread life or invest in snow tires. Low tread in icy and snowy conditions can be very dangerous. Simply put a penny in-between the tread of your tires to test the tread life. If the hair of Abraham Lincoln is covered, then you should have adequate tread left. Snow tires is also a fantastic investment as it can transform front and rear wheel drive cars into something that feels almost as confident as all-wheel drive!

Winter Tip #3 – Always keep an ice scraper, can of de-icer spray, and snow broom on hand. These products are very affordable and can save you lots of time when leaving for work in the morning after a storm. De-icer spray is extremely effective on icy windshields and snow brooms can empty your car of snow in minutes! No more having to wait 20-30 mins for your windshields to defrost!