Recreating a life size toy car has always been a fantasy of mine. There are countless cars I encountered throughout my childhood that I wish I could see in real life. Luckily, if you are a fan of the video game “Rocket League”, Ford actually went out and custom built an F-150 life size version!

In return, the Rocket League Edition F-150 looks like a Raptor on steroids. It features even more outrageous fenders, paint, and off road looks compared to the already badass F-150 Raptor.

I particularly love that even the LED head and taillights have been heavily exaggerated yet still resemble an F-150.

Sadly, this F-150 is completely custom and 1 of 1. Ford came pretty close to this level of cool with with “Tonka” version of their pickups, but this absolutely takes the crown.

What’s the coolest truck you’ve ever seen?