Typically, we do not think much of the air we breathe while driving. Most cabin air filters are extremely affordable and can be installed whiteout any mechanic needed. If you live in a highly populated area, the generic air filter found at the auto parts store may not be enough.

Air filters do a fantastic job of cleansing your interior of any large sized dust and debris  that may enter your vents. However, many pollutants can still get in. Take this for instance – have you ever driven behind a bus and immediately smelled the exhaust fumes? Even if your windows are up, the standard air filters have many blind spots when it comes to keeping out pollutants.

This is why I strongly recommend switching to a HEPA filter of any brand. HEPA (which stands for high efficiency particulate air) are specifically designed to trap microscopic pollutants including pollen, mold and common allergens. There are also more terrifying particles such as tire dust, brake dust, and some elements of emissions which vehicles produce that you breathe in while you drive.

Since HEPA filters out particulates 0.3 microns or larger, most of these molecules will not enter your lungs and will keep you breathing clean! The best part is that most of these HEPA cabin filters are only marginally more expensive that a standard air filter. For even more peace of mind, there are portable HEPA filters than can be kept in a cup holder.