When a manufacturer releases a newly incorporated material within their vehicle’s structure it always demands attention. For instance, back in 2015 Ford switched to an all aluminum body for their full size F-150. The weight was a shocking 700 pounds lighter than the previous generation without losing any strength in rigidity, towing, or crashworthiness. After 6 years of consistent use, Ford has proved the all aluminum F-150 is just as rugged as ever.

Many manufacturers have taken Ford’s approach and used alternative materials to save weight and help with emission regulations. These materials consist on carbon fiber, ultra high strength steel, magnesium, and titanium. Due to the expensive cost, titanium and magnesium are generally used in small quantities for internal engine parts.

What about something that is grown from the ground? When you think of plants you typically do not correlate it with cars or strength. However, this material is completely carbon neutral and is way stronger than steel. The material is known as cannabis hemp. Bruce Dietzen proved that a car can be built from a sustainable and carbon neutral material all without sacrificing performance and strength. Super impressive. He invested $200,000 of his own money to create his sports car. Further proving Henry Ford’s ideology that cars can be sustainably built. Below is a link to a video of Jay Leno taking this one of a kid car for a drive. If this man can create this car on his own for $200,000, imagine how a reputable manufacturer could make it affordable and attainable to the public.

Would you feel safe driving a car made from hemp?