Airbag technology has progressed at an insane rate the passed 20 years. Initially, a driver’s airbag was a huge deal. Nowadays, there air side curtain, knee, torso, seat cushion, and even center airbags to keep you safe. Even side airbags are designed to deploy in a rollover so you will be less likely to get injured. Audi’s flag ship sedan, the A8 will even increase the ride height of the vehicle if it senses a car is about to side strike it. This way it will be able to absorb the energy better. Safety cages and crumple zone shave also incredibly advanced as well.

We have always seen airbags within vehicles and even Volvo introduced a concept of air bags coming out of the hood of a car incase a pedestrian is hit – significantly reducing their injuries. What is completely new is this concept airbag that deploys from the side of the vehicle. If the vehicle senses a car approaching on one side of the car, it will automatically deploy a massive airbag to reduce the severity of a T-bone accident. Side impact accidents are particularly tough on smaller cars as there is less space for the car to absorb energy. This fascinating new technology is shown in the video below!

What is the coolest safety technology you have seen?