With all the ruckus about alien sightings and videos that have arisen lately it truly made me ponder. If these sightings are in fact true, and we befriended these “aliens”, what kind of cars would they drive? Here is my top 3 cars that I think ALIENS would drive!

1.) 2001-2005 PONTIAC AZTEK – I know, super random, but please hear me out. I feel as though aliens would gravitate (no pun intended) towards something funky and unique. The Pontiac Aztek fits those characteristics perfectly. In fact, it even looks like an alien! Besides from looks, General Motors targeted this vehicle towards adventurers. The Aztek had limitless customizations for camping in remote areas. It can even be outfitted with a tent attached to the tailgate! If the aliens needed a remote area to contact home, they can load up their gear in the Pontiac Aztek and be adequately comfortable in the wilderness!

2.) 1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket Concept – Well people, this one is a given. With the name “Rocket” there is no question aliens would love to own this car. I am sureĀ  it would bring nostalgic feelings of their home planet as they drove around. Plus, with 275 horsepower (astonishing numbers for the 1950s), the Gold Rocket would actually have the oomph to propel this vehicle for any alien-related errand needed.

3.) 2021 Tesla Cybertruck – In case the aliens are lusting after something more opulent than the Aztek, I do believe the Cybertruck would suffice! With Ultra modern design, zero emissions, and an acclaimed 0-60MPH of only 2.9 seconds, the Cybertruck would be a straight up gangster vehicle for aliens. Who knows, maybe they could work behind the scenes with Elon Musk and alter the Cybertruck for space travel! Or even give Elon some tips on how to get to Mars faster!

So what kind of cars do you think aliens would drive?