We have all seen it at one point or another. A low mileage, older car with a clean interior for an affordable price. All of which sounds great until you find out that the vehicle has significant rust underneath. In some cases, the rust can be so bad that it will prevent the vehicle from being inspected.

This is an absolute shame because there are countless classic vehicles that are plagued with this disease. So what can you do to avoid this common headache? Well the answer is surprisingly simple.

Most auto convenience stores (Auto Zone, Napa, Advanced Auto) will sell aerosol spray cans to protect against rust and corrosion. The one I use is called “Fluid Film” and is generally about 10$ a can. If you are able to, buy a few cans and bring them to your local mechanic the next time you get your car serviced. While the car is on the lift, you mechanic can easily spray the vulnerable areas of the undercarriage for little to no cost. This painless precaution can save you thousands of dollars down the road. Is your car already used? No problem, just be sure to have the undercarriage rinsed first to rid of any corrosive salts and then you can have the spray applied. For more rigorous treatment, there are companies that do a complete and comprehensive undercoating for just a few hundred dollars.

Enjoy your rust free miles!