To my fellow two-wheel drivers out there – this one is for you. Having 4WD or AWD allows you to get yourself out of pretty much any slippery situation. But what should you do if you only have front or rear wheel drive? The answer is easy. Turn off traction control.

Traction control initiates once the computer senses there is abnormal wheel slippage. As soon as the slip occurs, the computer automatically cuts power and will not allow the wheels to spin excessively. This feature is fantastic in most day-to-day situations to avoid certain types of accidents. However, it will absolutely inhibit you if you are stuck in snow.

Be cautious as you do not want to dig yourself into a hole. This will make it much harder for you to get out. Let’s say you are trying to pull away from a traffic light or a parking spot and notice you car is not moving forward as you press the accelerator. This can be very stressful as there may be traffic approaching behind you. In this scenario, turn off traction control immediately and press the gas pedal to about 3000 rpm’s. Your rpm’s may vary as it is contingent on how much snow you are stuck in. However, it is very important to consistently press the gas and pull yourself out slowly and build some momentum.

This can also be applied if you are going up a hill and you notice you are losing traction. While you still have momentum, turn traction control off and power yourself up the hill. Do not be concerned if your engine is revving high, as long as you are still moving forward you will not get stuck!

As a recap, if you are in any snowy situation turn off traction control temporarily if you are losing traction while maintaining consistent throttle control. Always be aware of your surroundings and turn back on once you are unstuck!