When hybrids were introduced they received an unenthusiastic reputation for their lethargic acceleration and frumpy looks. Both the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight achieved jaw dropping gas mileage but at the sacrifice of any enjoyment from the driver. Thankfully, hybrid technology has evolved to larger, sportier, and more stylish vehicles. Take the 2021 Toyota RAV4 for example. It’s rugged, spacious, and capable all while achieving relatively good gas mileage. The RAV4 is available with a hybrid powertrain that actually makes more horsepower than the non-hybrid model. Below is our quick review of the 2021 Toyota RAV4 XSE Hybrid which is Toyota’s most sporty and efficient SUV! (40 MPG Combined)



Toyota Rav4 XSE Hybrid Quick Facts:

  • Starting Price around 35K (Base Hybrid LE model starts around 29K)
  • Backup camera, bluetooth, and tinted windows are standard on all models
  • Advanced safety systems such as automatic emergency braking is standard
  • All hybrid models come standard with all wheel drive
  • Hybrid does not need to be plugged in
  • 2 years of free maintenance included