The Toyota Tacoma has been a continuously reliable vehicle year after year. Along with super high resale value, it is an educated decision for any truck buyer. However, the terms “reliable” and “educated” are not very appealing to many people. Toyota has attempted to dramatize the styling, particularly over the past 5 years. This attempt has been a bit unenthusiastic to some.

Fortunately, Toyota has a slightly refreshed Tacoma along with an unbelievably captivating new color.
It is named “Electric Lime” and is available on the high end, TRD Pro models. Not only is the TRD Pro the most off-road callable Tacoma, it will now be the best one to look at.

Personally, we are a huge fan of the new color. The Electric Lime sends true life into the aging truck. As newer trucks are on the way, such as Tesla’s Cyber Truck and Ford’s Lightning, this is a fantastic way for the Tacoma to stay relevant.