Before the massive surge of SUVs, BMW actually intended on selling a 3 row, full-size SUV in the mid 2000’s. At the current time BMW, Mercedes, and Audi did not sell a 3 row-SUV either. 

Audi was actually the first manufacturer to release a luxury 3-row SUV. Mercedes quickly joined in that same year (2006) so they would not lose and market share. So here we are in 2006 and you can buy yourself a full size SUV from Mercedes and Audi, but not BMW!

Years go by and the Q7 and ML are big hits, BMW nearly dropped an X7 in 2014 but ditched the plan again. Personally, I feel as though BMW would have been far better off releasing the X7 back in 2014. As this was right around the time SUVs started soaring in popularity! BMW ended up showing up to the party very late as the 3-row X7 was not released until 2018.

We all have seen what the current X7 looks like, but what would have it looked like I’d it were released with the other brute SUVs back in 2006? Well fortunately we did find a rendering from BMW for what this SUV may have looked like! How do you feel about it?