Tesla has continuously shocked the automotive industry for almost a decade. Shunning the nay-sayers and dominating the electric market. For late 2021, the updated and refreshed Tesla Model X will have an available “Plaid +” model with 1100 horsepower and a neck breaking 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds. Even better, the more powerful battery and electric motors will go over 500 miles on a charge (520 EST to be exact). The Tesla Model X Plaid will be the most expensive Model S you can buy but it shows that electric car technology is headed in the right direction. Crazy power and plenty of range, even further than most gasoline cars, this will entice many people who were originally skeptical of electric cars.


Further adding to the excitement is the Plaid’s top speed which is expected to reach 200 miles per hour. Tesla has now silenced any objection to electric cars. Long range, high top speed, and fast recharging are all compelling stats of the upcoming Model S. Expected the drop in mid 2022, the Tesla Model S Plaid will start around $144,000. This is a very exclusive price but as seen with any other technology, as the demand and volume increase, the price will decrease. We are extremely excited for the Model S as it represents to best version of future electric cars!