There have been dozens of iconic planes and vessels that have emerged throughout the past 100 years. From the low orbit achieving X-15 to the Airbus A-380 that will carry over 800 people, there are all different kinds of airplanes.

Particularly, in times of possible war, some countries are forced to create unique and uncommon aircraft. In the case of the Soviet Union, they created a airplane like carrier for transporting troops, equipment, and large missiles. The carrier was named project 903 “Lun” and it nearly resembled an airplane. It had wings, 8 powerful turbine engines, and a tail-wing. It could also carry 220,000 pounds of cargo.

Although the Lun was absolutely massive, it still could achieve a speed of 340+ MPH and go 1,200 miles on a tank. The Lun was not considered a plane but still generated enough lift to reach an altitude of about 12-16 feet.

The Lun was also equipped with a full array of guns and 6 missile launchers. There was only one Lun ever created and it is still preserved to this day. The Lun immediately ceased service after the fall of the U.S.S.R in 1991. A mere 4 years of service. Now, this relic remains stationary on a beach.