On this day 20 years ago, our country received its most jarring attack in history. There aren’t any words to describe how many people were impacted on a seemingly routine morning in NYC. We would like to share a special thank you, and condolences to all families, first responders, and individuals who aided in rescue attempts that day.


To bring some sort of tranquility to such a frenetic time, we would like to show you these newly released images of Secret Service Cadillac Limos that narrowly survived the attack. It appears as though they are parked underneath the World Trade Center in a specially dedicated parking garage.

The Cadillacs appear to be older Fleetwood models dating back to 1992. Which would make them about 10 years old at the time of the attack. It is speculated that these older models were in service to transport high ranking government officials throughout NYC. Since NYC, and the World Trade Center, are international hubs for people all throughout the world.

Now it is not confirmed if these Cadillacs received the “Presidential” treatment, which would entail armored panels, bulletproof glass, and a high tech communication center. But what we can visualize is a more simple time where these vehicles may have been used on a frequent basis. This gives us a spark of imagination to remember what day to day life was like at the World Trade Center before the attacks.

These vehicles barely made it out in one piece but what will live on are the memories, nostalgia, and solidarity we can recall before the attacks took place.