With the sweltering hot days quickly approaching you may be wondering, “Do I need to do anything to my car?”. The quick answer is a definite YES. Here is a quick list on what you can do to ‘summer-ize’ your vehcile to benefit you and your vehcile:

1.) Replace/top off your coolant – Luckily, this one is super easy and you do not need a mechanic. Simply open up your hood and check the red liquid in the coolant reservoir. If you are unsure of the exact location, YouTube will definitely have a video on your vehicle to locate it. This is absolutely vital because it affects the air conditioning system and prevents your car from overheating on hot summer days. Overheating can lead to permanent damage to your engine. Plus, sweating in your sticky leather seats isn’t fun either.

2.) Switch to Summer Tires – This one is not mandatory but highly recommended. Summer tires actually preform better in hot and rainy weather better than all season tires. This will give you optimal safety incase an emergency maneuver or braking occurs. Summer tires also tend to be performance oriented so it is also a good way to add some fun driving dynamics to your car. If you have snow tires currently, DO NOT drive them on warm pavement. The rubber is not designed to retain heat and it will actually erode the tires prematurely. Be sure to check the air in your tires as well.

3.) Under Carriage Rinse – Many of the salt and solutions for treating roads tend to stick in the nooks of your car’s underbody which can lead to rust. Getting an underbody wash will remove such harsh chemicals and can be done at home or using certain automated car washes.

4.) Get Your Battery Tested/Replaced – Believe it or not, the hot weather is actually more taxing on your battery than the cold. Double checking your battery is a great way to prevent battery failure and leaving you stranded. Places like AutoZone can test or replace the battery if needed.

5.) Try Not To Idle Your Engine – This one may be difficult if your trying to stay cool but letting your car idle for a long time in the heat is outright bad for the car. Engine’s do have cooling systems but it uses a significant amount of energy and gasoline. Turning your car off when idling can also prolong the life of your car because it decreases the likelihood of metal warping and overheating.

6.) Have Your Brakes Checked – There is already a tremendous amount of heat created when braking occurs, the smoldering heat only amplifies this and can cause your brakes to prematurely warp and erode.